This Week on Particular Sauce: Wealthy Torrisi Talks Curiosity, Craftsmanship, and Carl Sagan



[Photograph: Courtesy of Wealthy Torrisi]

Wealthy Torrisi’s name hits headlines all the time, but the renowned chef—and managing companion of one of New York City’s hottest restaurant groups—admits that he doesn’t considerably care for all the media focus. “I don’t …

A Light Touch

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Words by Neil Knowles, Founder and Director, Elektra Lighting

Nothing sets the scene like lighting.
A space can be transformed by very good lighting — think candlelit restaurant — or it can be ruined by poor lighting. Although this is …

The Pressure Cooker Tends to make Rich, Hearty Ragù Bolognese in Record Time



A hearty, pasta-coating sauce in much less than two hours. [Photographs: J. Kenji López-Alt]

There’s anything in the air, and I am not positive what it is. Actually, I know precisely what it is. It’s tiny particles of beef and …

Ounces and Grams: Why Mass Is Not the Very best Way to List Components



[Photograph: Nila Jones]

Because releasing my 1st book two months ago, I’ve been acquiring far more feedback—both optimistic and negative—than I am utilised to. One particular large category: international readers upset at my decision to use imperial units of volume …

This Week on Special Sauce: Gail Simmons’ Journey From Private Assistant to Prime Chef Judge



[Photograph: Melanie Dunea]

When I 1st met her far more than a decade ago, Gail Simmons was no television personality: She was the not-at-all-lowly assistant to Jeffrey Steingarten, the feared and revered Vogue food critic. (And she had to survive …